Covid 19 - January Update

We have made extensive changes to our Nightshelter layout following a thorough Risk Assessment to make the Nightshelter a Covid-secure environment. However, following a meeting between The Julian Trust and Public Health England and Bristol City Council on Friday 8th January, Public Health England stated it is at present only recommending the use of self contained accommodation for rough sleepers, and not using dormitory style premises as the risks of transmission (regardless of controls) are deemed too great, particularly with regard to the new Covid strain. This will be reviewed in the future when the pandemic is under greater control and the risk levels are lowered. Additionally, we discussed whether the Nightshelter building can be put to use as a testing or immunisation hub for the local community. Our Health and Safety Officer will liaise Bristol City Council to see if there is a requirement, and whether it can be delivered safely and effectively.

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