Covid-19 Update

Whilst we remain closed to guests, the Management Committee has focused on work to create a service that is both safe and reliable, and that fully complies with all the Public Health England and local authority requirements. We have fully risk assessed the dormitory environment and drawn up plans to redesign our service to make it safe for both guests and volunteers. We have also begun to develop training for volunteers in readiness for when we are permitted to open.

In order to help our guests and rough sleepers who were temporarily housed in hotel accommodation as part of the Government's 'Everyone In' initiative at the start of lockdown, we donated £50,000 to the Cheers Drive Project. The project provided well-balanced meals for those in temporary accommodation. Our well-equipped kitchen was made available to the project free-of-charge, and we also paid the utility costs and donated food from our stores to enable the preparation of up to 300 meals daily, seven days a week.

The Management Committee continues to meet regularly to explore all options to help the most vulnerable members of our community.

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